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Time Reallocation...

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst

-William Penn

Time ReDesigned addresses this concern through an innovative time reallocation process. This patent pending process involves four key steps in the Time ReDesigned cycle:

Implementing the four steps to exercise conscious control over the amount of time allocated to specific tasks increases overall efficiency and effectiveness. Time ReDesigned provides the solution to what has been challenging so many of us in our professional lives...Never enough time to do everything we need to do!

"While we can’t give you more time, we will help you achieve more with the time you already have!"

Who We Are & What We Do!

Time ReDesigned provides the data that school administrators need to better understand how they are prioritizing their professional time. The Time ReDesigned solution helps administrators reallocate their professional time to prioritize student focused leadership and maximize overall efficiency and effectiveness. Together, the Time ReDesigned mobile application and interactive dashboard deliver resources and tools to provide the accountability and support necessary to sustain the change in time allocation, and to decrease the reactive nature of day-to-day school leadership.

Development is underway for a teacher version and a student version for the education sector. A business community customized version is also planned for development. Please stay tuned...

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying...

Time Redesigned serves as an accountability partner. While completing a time audit window, the process forces you to focus on the tasks that need priority. It's so easy to become distracted and lose sight of what matters most!
Byron Darnall, Bowling Green, KY
Time ReDesigned works great! Just knowing you have the time audit makes you think differently about your time. It's an awareness about how we are spending our time that is going to bring about change to increase our effectiveness as school administrators.
Michael Kruger, Northeast Hamilton, IA
As an Instructional Superintendent, I have been coaching my building principals in the area of time management, as it is one of the skills that I find most principals need to refine when they become administrators. With Time ReDesigned, I finally have the data I need to have deeper, data-driven coaching sessions. Until now, I have been using anecdotal evidence based on their daily schedules. The data I have now is making a huge difference in my coaching conversations.
Shawn Stover, Washington D.C.
I like how the app required me to set a goal in the action planning process. It helps me to focus on what is most important when I prioritize my to-do list and schedule my days. I am now more focused on better allocating my time each day in order to make the biggest impact on student learning
Darin Johnson, Denison, IA
This has me thinking about how to better allocate my time each day in order to make the biggest impact on student learning.
Brenda Lansing, New Hampton, IA
Time ReDesigned is so easy to use. I appreciate all of the built-in accountability and support. The notifications and reminders have been critical to my success. Without the accountability and support, this would be very difficult! Time ReDesigned employs a perfect balance of accountability and support to keep administrators moving forward towards improved student outcomes and more efficiency in their work day. I purposefully was able to move toward my goals.
Elaine Lacey, Jasper ISD
It's exciting to see this solution come to fruition. I do believe we fall prey to our biases and subjective nature that allows us to think we're doing something-- but real data speaks differently. It can be tough to digest at times, but if an individual has a growth mindset then this solution will be very valuable. I'm excited to see something brought to market that's designed to challenge our assumptions with real data if people are truly honest in using the solution.
Byron Darnall, Bowling Green Independent, KY
I found great insight on what I was spending time doing each day and realized the shifts I needed to make to be a more effective leader.
Ellen Pickhinke, Hampton-Dumont Community Schools, IA
I like that it captures three days during each time audit to get a truer picture. There were days that I looked and thought ‘this was not an average day', so I'm glad I got a three-day average.
Trever Urich, Denison, IA
Time ReDesigned allows me to evaluate how I am spending my time while at work and to see where I am wasting time each and every day. With intentional awareness to the importance for purposely planning my day, how my tasks impact student achievement, and how to prioritize the critical tasks, I am able to reallocate my time. I now have more time with family and am able to have more balance in my life. If administrators have not heard of Time ReDesigned, check it out. You will be amazed how this solution will increase your purpose and productivity.
Deb Holsapple, Marshalltown CSD, IA
The predetermined categories used in the data sorting step are very helpful and provide reflection on the complexity of being an administrator. They draw attention to how you can be pulled in so many directions throughout the work day. Without the data from the Time ReDesigned solution it has been difficult know what my big rocks are and allowed me to be pulled into far too many activities that are removed from direct contact with students. Time ReDesigned has helped me focus on what is most important to students, while still managing the required duties of principalship
Karen Allison, Bettendorf, IA
Time Redesigned helps to bring an awareness to how I am actually spending my professional time. It makes me think about whether what I am doing is important or not, and also to critically think about how to prioritize my time. This has been a very good thing for me and something I will continue to utilize into the future.
Michael Kruger, Northeast Hamilton CSD, IA
I like how aware I now am of my daily schedule. While completing the three-day time audit windows, I focus more on what I am doing and why. Time ReDesigned prompts me to be more intentional with my days. I see this as perhaps the best asset of the platform!
Byron Darnall, Bowling Green Independent, KY
Through this experience I learned that I spend more time on managerial tasks than on tasks that will directly influence student achievement on my campus. Setting a goal is helping me to better use my time and make sure that I schedule things appropriately.
William Davis, Jasper ISD, TX
I have really loved the fact that Time ReDesigned provides me with actual data from my work day to make conscious decisions about how to reallocate my time in the future. The data is really powerful and extremely insightful, and I can see a huge benefit for administrators who implement Time ReDesigned. If you have not seen this solution, I highly recommend it for any administrator who wants to improve student outcomes
Brenda Lansing, New Hampton, IA
Time Re-designed has led me to face the reality that I am not using my time to the best of my ability. I have thought myself to be pretty active in classrooms, however just as a photograph doesn't lie, the snap shot of my week doesn't lie either. The tools in Time Re-designed have given me the opportunity to face reality and make a plan to change. This has resulted in letting go of some tasks or redirecting them to other staff members, so I can focus on what matters most. To continue the use of my analogy of photography, the picture is not perfect yet, however with touch up and adjustment I am slowly coming into a better focus with action on the right work.
Jeff Hendred, Ottumwa, IA
The Time ReDesigned solution has forced me to take a deeper look at my use of my time and is helping me reallocate and prioritize my time to be in classrooms, work more with teachers and students, and focus on meeting with parents and stakeholders from the community.
Moving my management duties to a time when students and staff are not in the building has positively impacted the students' behaviors and teachers' instructional strategies. Time ReDesigned has given me the tools that I needed to assess my time-eaters and to reflect upon which tasks do not need to be done by me, but instead can be delegated to someone else.
Deb Holsapple, Marshalltown CSD, IA

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